This plastic business owner doesn’t use Malaysian Airlines anymore but she will keep reading posts on California Visit till her last day

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Amari Ardui (name changed) runs a plastic business which never did as good as it has been doing since Amari learnt how she can fund her business with the money that she wins with online betting, especially on FIFA55 websites. Amari knows several online gambling blogs which she likes to call as her secret goldmines, one of those blogs goes by the name California Visit.

Amari travels to and from Malaysia a lot but she hasn’t used the Malaysian Airlines since that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 incident happened.

Amari volunteers a lot for the democracy all over the world and she has written a lot on her blog and elsewhere about how the major politicians of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are immune to the legislative actions against them.

Amari’s husband – Jonathan is an event manager whose office is located in a 3 star hotel. He also owns a popular lounge in a popular shopping mall. Jonathan is a conspiracy theorist who claims that the real inventor of the internet was a teenager Jew who got killed and someone else took the credit of inventing the internet.

Jonathan claims that Fatima never appeared to the people of the Portugal and it is a conspiracy created by the Vatican church to fool the people. Jonathan claims that Lucia dos Santos aka Sister Lucia, the most primary witness of Fatima was paid thousands of dollars per month till the day of her death by the Vatican.

Jonathan says that Jews are prohibited to have non-Jewish friends. He says that the Jews who have been pretending to be the friends of the White people are just pretending, there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian or Judeo-Gentile friendship. It is just a way of Jews to manipulate the people of other religions.