Young Orang Rimba Architect making thousands of dollars a month without practicing architecture

Gilang Mehsopuria (name changed) is an architect by profession who was born and raised in the city called Surakarta in Central Java. Gilang very early found out that the opportunity cost of working as an architect was a lot higher than making money playing at situs poker full-time.

Gilang Mehsopuria firmly believes that women are still considered objects of pleasure. Gilang also claims that ‘women think they are entitled to all the luxuries and all women are queens’ is a mere myth created by men.

Gilang’s most favorite book is ‘Kiss me like a stranger’ by Gene Wilder and his most favorite movie character is Willy Wonka played by Gene Wilder. All-in-all, Gilang is a great Gene Wilder fan.

Gilang believes to the popular Indonesian nomadic tribe that goes by the name ‘Orang Rimba’. Like most people belonging to the Orang Rimba tribe, Gilang loves rabbit meat. Many people accuse Gilang of being over-reactive about everything but he dismisses the accusation each time.

Gilang loves to read and research a lot. He is currently researching why so many Catholics deviated from their faith which he personally finds ridiculous. Gilang is a great fan of the Catholic religion and he always wishes if he could have been born a Catholic.

There was a time when Gilang used to wear only the cheapest clothes that he could find but now nothing less than custom designed or tailor-made clothes would do for him. Due to his newfound material wealth, Gilang is having a relationship pattern going with his siblings that is only destructive. Gilang’s siblings are jealous of him but Gilang is doing his best to let them know that his relationship with them is divine and way above the material wealth but they don’t comprehend Gilang’s feelings at all.

Malay girl living a multi-millionaire lifestyle in Chicago, Illinois with her all-American boyfriend

Marvin used to be a movie theater usher until about 16 months ago, but then his life changed. Marvin’s parents used to be teachers and they wanted Marvin to become something like doctor, lawyer or an engineer, but Marvin will end up becoming a multi-millionaire without becoming any of those.

Marvin’s life changed when he met this really beautiful Malay girl living in the city of Chicago. She came to watch a movie in the theater that Marvin worked at, after having a glimpse of Marvin and looking at his body language, she fell in love with Marvin and by making a lame excuse, exchanged phone number with Marvin. They both felt like they can be a solution to each other’s loneliness.

She called Marvin later at the night asking what is he doing. Marvin told her that he is doing nothing much and then she invited Marvin for a dinner at her home. They both got drunk together, she seduced Marvin and they both made tremendous love. She told Marvin that she doesn’t like Marvin to work at the movie theater, she has got enough money for both of them and Marvin should stay at her place and doesn’t need to go to work anymore. Marvin’s dream came true, now Marvin would do nothing but had fun with the girl whenever they were both in the mood, played video games, eat and sleep.

She is also always at home but busy doing something online. One day Marvin asked her what does she do that brings her so much money. She told Marvin that she does nothing but play taruhan bola online and the money keeps multiplying.

To Marvin, it sounded too good to be true, so after making love to her at the night, Marvin asked her to teach the game to him as well, she taught him while they were both naked, Marvin was learning it lying all over her, after seeing how she doubled her money with one bet, Marvin was amazed.

Russian woman inspired by Shark Tank opened her own big store

How many times have you heard about a Shark Tank idea being not so crazy? Most of the business ideas and products shown on Shark Tank are crazy enough to drive you crazy.

One such business was “Wee can shop”. Inspired by the business idea, a 33 year old Russian woman named Fekla started her own Russian version of “Wee can shop” in the heart of St Petersburg city. It took 70 million Russian Ruble to create this store. The store is still rented, soon Fekla plans to buy the land as well.

Until the age of 31, Fekla used to be a waitress at one of the finest restaurants in St Petersburg. Fekla is married and has 2 children as well – one son and a daughter. It is surprising how Fekla made so much money within these 2 years. No, Fekla didn’t win a lottery.

Looking at the financial condition of her house, Fekla decided that just waiting tables wasn’t enough for her. Fekla is blessed with godly stamina. She used to work 8 hours at the restaurant, came back, took care of the children and then did petty jobs online that she found herself.

Once by accident, she came across a masterpoker website. It was an angel’s voice that said to her “Fekla, go for it. You will be able to send your children to the best schools and colleges. You can buy the best cars and live in a lavish house. Just go for it, Fekla.”

Fekla listened to the voice and played masterpoker online for the first time in her life. Fekla turned her 5000 Russian Rubles into 22000 Russian Rubles in 3 hours only. The angel would talk to Fekla after every couple of days now and tell on which day to bet and on which day to not. Fekla would do as the angel’s voice told her to and she is now a millionaire.

Personal Trainer inaugurated his own gym

Aditya Chauhan used to be a personal trainer at a popular gym in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Aditya comes from a well-off villager family in the most populous Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Aditya Chauhan’s one and only passion is bodybuilding, rest all comes after that. He loves working out, he can’t get enough of seeing his muscles in the mirror and he loves it even more when the girls give him a second look.

Aditya worked as a trainer in the same Jaipur gym for over 10 years. Although Aditya comes from a well-off family of Uttar Pradesh, it is a different culture there. His parents are rich, but they won’t give Aditya any money to start his own business.

Aditya now had a son and a daughter. It was very difficult for Aditya now to make a good living for himself and his family with this salary. He was getting paid only 35, 000 Indian Rupees per month, which is very low. He needed at least 350, 000 Indian Rupees per month for the sort of living he wanted to provide his family. He wanted his kids to go to the city’s topmost schools and he wanted to buy the most expensive clothes for his wife.

To ease his pain, Aditya also started drinking, he would drink each night to ease his pain now.

After drinking Aditya would go total nuts, he would start looking for crazy ideas to make crazy money on the internet. Once Aditya came across this Bandarq 2018 website. Aditya said to himself “This is the last thing that can make me the kind of money I really want.”

Aditya started betting with only US $75 and on the first night, he tripled the amount to $225. Aditya’s search was finally over. Within 68 days, Aditya earned enough money to start his own gym in a middle-class neighborhood in Jaipur.