Ex-MI6 agent believes that online gambling will be a trillion dollar industry by 2030

June Robertson is an author who worked for MI6 for a considerable duration of time. June claims that the Russian intelligence agency – KGB has more spies in France than in any other nation because Russia fears that Germany and France together are planning to take over Russia by hacking its nuclear weapons and then committing a secret attack on it.

During her time in MI6, June got to travel to several different countries both secretly and openly. June says that she still misses out on the meat that they used to cook in Kenya. June claims that the Kikuyu tribal people of Kenya cook the meat best and the extra and special ingredients that they add to their meat makes it very nutritious without compromising on the taste.

June says that the reason behind the declining cork industry of the Portugal is the involvement of foreign powers in destroying the once glorious Portugal empire. June says that Portugal is in Europe but still isolated.

June lived in Alaska for a while when she was on a secret mission where she noticed that roughly 1 out of 4 Eskimos show cannibalistic tendencies and they are a very cold heart people in general, especially their men.

June finds it offensive when someone refers to the people of Maghreb region as Berbers. June finds it shocking that how can someone be allowed to refer to a whole race with a derogatory term that was invented by the invading foreigners.

June predicts that the number of dedicated Roman Catholics will come down to a few thousand only by the year 2050. June says that the Roman Church is planning to expel a lot of people from its church on the foundation of both doubt and truth. June says that they are going to do so in order to appear that the recent global changes which the Roman Church takes into consideration as sinful are not able to change the Roman Catholic Church at all but it is all going to go against the Roman Catholic Church instead of the favor.

June also predicts that the online gambling industry will be a trillion dollar industry by the year 2030. June believes that more and more individuals are coming into contact with blogs like femme de menage bordeaux that honestly tell you about the honest and genuine online gambling websites and can be completely relied upon.

Fitness freak personal trainer turned into a factory owner after winning few FIFA55 bets

Christopher Ryan is a fitness and health freak who says that an apple a day definitely keeps the doctor away but the most crucial thing is where the apple is coming from. Christopher says that only the French and Canadian apples keep the doctor away, but the rest give you constipation.

Christopher is of the belief that the governments should not allow the companies to name their brands after illegal drugs, he likes to give the examples of Coke aka Coca Cola and Cocaine Energy Drink. Christopher knows several guys and girls that are still in their teenage and became addict to the illegal drugs just because of the names of these brands. One such girl that Christopher is familiar with, started drinking coca cola aka coke during her childhood and once when she explored on the internet what the name coke means, she got curious and decided to buy cocaine from the darknet and here she is just after a couple of years, a full-fledged cocaine addict.

Christopher believes that sometimes a smart and shrewd lie is more positively purposeful than the truth and parents sometimes need to tell their kids lie about many a things.

Christopher is of the belief that a good physical health supports mental health in ways that we are not yet even familiar with. Christopher recently interviewed the CEO of Google – Sundar Pichai, who told him that he could have done even better if he were physically stronger. Another thing that Sundar told Christopher was that the rivals of the Google Search Engine spend more time finding the secrets of Google than focusing on their own company.

Christopher turned from a personal trainer to a factory owner after he bought a factory that manufactures garden rakes and fence posts with the money that he won with FIFA55 applying the tips and tricks that he learnt with dalailama-belgium2006.org

Amateur historian obsessed with Roman empire found his new obsession in FIFA55 betting

Winfred Chaput is an amateur historian who claims that the Celtic civilizations had kitchens so utilitarian that these could give the modern kitchens a run for its money. Winfred’s obsession with the history can be learnt from the fact that his one and only mansion has Byzantine styled doors all over with the Great Roman empire written on those in the Latin and Greek language.

Winfred has been obsessed with the acupuncture and herbal Chinese medicine as well for a while now.

Winfred recently bought a factory that produces acrylic products and whose specialization is extruded acrylic sheets. In the January of this year, Winfred won 1.2 million US Dollars with FIFA55 betting and that’s when he decided to buy this company as he already had everything else and he considers putting the money into his bank account or buying a car to be useless. Winfred has been marketing his factory hard with the help of Turkish SEO agencies as he believes that Turkish SEO agencies and Turkish typists are both very fast.

Winfred got to know about FIFA55 through a blog called col2000 that he came across while self-learning Thai language on the internet.

Winfred is not a Muslim but he feels for the Muslims that are getting killed over the global politics nowadays. Winfred believes that Aung San Suu Kyi acts like she is a dedicated and devoted Theravada Buddhist for her politics but in reality she is an atheist who hates Muslims. Winfred has read all the Islamic Hadiths and he says that a great war by the Mekong river is mentioned in one of the Hadiths.

Winfred applauds the Islamic countries on their ban of the pornography as Winfred believes that the youth with access and/or addiction to pornography is not an asset but a liability. Winfred says that the masturbation combined with pornography acts as a drug to the brain and a virus to the body.

Online gambler wants to move to the Island of Malta and Gozo forever after she achieves her target of winning 100 million USD

Vija Berk is an amateur political analyst who claims that there is no such thing as a secret ballot when it comes to the elections for the President in India, everything is pre-decided by the party with the majority.

Vija claims that there is no way that the United States of America will ever be able to use India to take over the Republic of China, the only edge that India has over the Republic of China is command in the English language.

Vija says that India has been constantly lying about the number of tourist footfalls in its country. She says that the only country from where the tourist footfall has increased in India is Israel as the people belonging to Judaism, a monotheistic religion which is completely different from the Hinduism which is a polytheistic religion.

Vija even met a tribe in India that worships mountains because they believe that mountains are reincarnations of gods. Vija met the people of another tribe which believed that the planets Neptune and Uranus used to be gods before they got cursed by the lord Shiva.

Vija says one of the worst things that has been eating the progress of India is its reservation system which produces nothing but incompetent employees.

Vija knows so much about India because she lived in India for 7 months in the year 2017.

Vija recently bought a CD and DVD company with the money that she won with the help of a trusted Sakongkiu agent online (agen sakongkiu online). It was always the dream of Vija to buy a CD and DVD company.

Vija says that she wants to move to the Island of Malta and Gozo forever after she becomes a multi-millionaire. Vija loves the Mediterranean climate and the architecture of Malta and Gozo.

We don’t appreciate the prehistoric people and their efforts enough nor do we appreciate the gamblers and lottery winners enough – Paris Parker

Paris Parker used to work at the McDonalds until she learnt about FIFA55 betting and the blogs that can help you become an excellent online gambler, for example cittaslow seferihisar is one such blog. Today, after winning millions with FIFA55 betting, Paris owns a company that manufactures waterproof clothes and a company that manufactures construction equipment and is popular worldwide for its bar bending machines. Paris says that her next target is buying a company that manufactures synthetic leather bags as it is one of her most favorite commodities which she believes is extremely underrated as well.

Paris recently enjoyed watching a video of the Bollywood actors getting beaten by the Pro-Pakistani teens which none of the mainstream media TV channel ever show but is available on the Youtube. Paris doesn’t even know in details what the Kashmir conflict is but she thoroughly enjoyed watching that video as she hates the Bollywood actors and the Bollywood movies because she believes that the Bollywood makes total nonsense movies. Paris says that they either make movies copied from the Hollywood or European cinema or they make exaggerated biopics which only promote hero worship and have very little or sometimes even nothing to do with the personality of the person for whom they made the movie.

Paris wanted to be a politician but she says that political campaigning requires a lot of mental training and in order to win, a politician has to lie a lot otherwise he/she is just wasting their time.

Paris recently interviewed the entire family of the person who got killed for eating porn in Pakistan and it was after this event when they started calling Pakistan as Porkistan. Paris published the video and script of the entire event on her blog.

Paris says that we don’t appreciate most of the things that the prehistoric people did for us including building the houses on the hills.

Pro-gambling lawyer is a strong critic of most of the popular things, institutions, cultures and traditions

Jana Asik is a lawyer fresh out of the Brooklyn Law School. Jana has been campaigning against the pro-nudity and pro-sexuality celebrities since the day she decided to become a lawyer. Jana says that pro-nudity celebrities are nothing less than modern day devils. Jana says that these so-called celebrities have been ruining the youth by making them masturbation and sex addicts. Jana believes that all drug addictions and other fatal addictions are the result of over-masturbation and sex addiction. Jana has interviewed several serial killers personally and just like Ted Bundy told the media right before his death that hardcore pornography is what made each and every serial killer that Ted Bundy came across a serial killer, Jana claims the same.

Jana’s boyfriend – Adam runs a SEO and website designing business. Jana says that there are several similarities between running a SEO business and running a law practice, one of them being – no matter how hard and for how long you work on a case, you are never certain about the success, the other one is that your client is always skeptical about whether you can do the job or not, no matter what your professional background is and how much personal assurance you provide them with. Adam likes to call the search engines as government.

Along with being a strong critic of pornography, celebrity culture and over-sexualization of everything, Jana is a huge critic of both Dharmic and Abrahamic religions, LGBT community and their marriages, tradition, culture and institution of marriage, capitalism, communism, monarchy, republican governments. The only thing that I have found Jana to be for is gambling, both online and offline, she is a regular subscriber and reader of blogs like sport equipment standards and a contributor to many other gambling blogs as well.

Papillon dog lover never bets in the afternoons but she cannot resist the same in the night

Sakina Bocek is a businesswoman who currently owns two companies, one that manufactures fishing equipment and another that manufactures squash, badminton and tennis rackets.

Sakina is a dog lover who is currently obsessed with Papillon dogs and owns five of those including both males and females

Sakina believes that being creative doesn’t only make you money but it makes your inner soul happy and ecstatic as well. During summers, Sakina stays up at the nights but sleep in the afternoons during the hot summer days because she literally feels that the sun rays suck creativity and we exchange energies with the sun. Sakina says that the sun is not merely the provider of energy but it is a receptor of energy as well.

Sakina was born a Muslim but after learning Buddhism, she converted to Buddhism. Sakina claims that Buddhism is the only religion of the future and the children that grow up in Buddhist environment turn up to be very noble, intelligent and disciplined. Sakina goes to the extent to claim that the only religion that has no problem with the NASA and the similar organizations is the Buddhism.

Sakina recalls the funny moment when she met her husband for the first time. When Sakina saw her husband for the very first time, he was wearing orange pants and red shirt, Sakina thought that the guy is some idiot but she later found out that the guy is the CEO of a major company. Let me tell you the whole story, Sakina was at the Burger King when she saw this tall and handsome guy wearing orange trousers and a red shirt, Sakina couldn’t stop her laughter looking at this guy, he was confused due to some business issue at that time, he decided to refresh his mood and when he saw Sakina laughing, he decided to talk to her, Sakina was amazed at the wonderful communication skills of this guy whom she was thinking was made just a few minutes ago, they exchanged numbers and here they are after 3 years – husband and wife.

Sakina is an online gambling addict and the more dollars she wins, the more addicted she gets to the game, Sakina is a regular reader of gambling blogs like Omaha parents of multiples as well.

Used to sell undergarments in her minivan but now she owns buildings

Chava Bellamy travels to Punjab, India each Gurupurab to see cavalry stunters. Chava says that it is one of the most underrated sights on earth and the only reason it is overlooked is because it happens in a state which is overlooked and hated by the Indian government itself.

Chava is a political analyst who claims that the world will soon realize that the cold and proxy war between Russia and USA is fake and staged. Chava accuses the Russian democracy being a puppet of the European-American aka Judeo-Christian alliance. Anybody who disagrees with Chava, Chava asks him/her to go through the video where Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton are laughing like crazy together to confirm the truth.

There was a time when Chava used to sell undergarments in her minivan because she couldn’t afford a store but today Chava owns a company that manufactures wooden clocks and wristwatches and a company that wholesales construction machinery spare parts. Chava’s life completely changed when a friend told her that people are making fortune with online betting if done carefully, she also told Chava about a blog that goes by the name Venice Foursquare Church to learn some tips and tricks regarding online gambling from.

Chava has a thing for the cars as well and she does an extensive research on cars, their manufacturers and the future intentions of these car companies. Chava claims that Hyundai wants to enter the steel furniture business in the near future and one of the most famous Indian IT companies – HCL is going to make diesel engines by the end of 2022. Chava also says that Fiat and Dell are working on a secret project together to make laptops.

While one side of Chava is a car enthusiast, the other side of her is a huge critic of the car companies, Chava says that the Bentleys are expensive Volkswagens, Rolls Royce are expensive BMWs and Maseratis are nothing but expensive and unreliable Fiats.

Luci Nemcova decided to buy a gamepad controller manufacturer with the Euros she won with bets

Luci Nemcova (name changed) is an internet marketeer by profession who recently bought a company that manufactures gamepad controllers for Nintendo Switch with the Euros that she won with a Greek betting company (stoiximatikes etairies).

Luci is an automobile enthusiast who has owned a Jaguar XJ, Suzuki Swift and Seat Ibiza in the past. Luci says that Jaguar is both unreliable and makes rattles after getting a bit old, about Suzuki Swift she says that it is a very reliable and peppy car but the interior quality is cheap and about Seat IBIZA she says that it is peppy but with very cheap interiors.

Luci was once planning to buy a Fiat after a while she learnt that all the guys and girls praising Fiat online are paid for doing so and there are several reasons why the buyers like to stay away from the Fiat.

Luci says that Mercedes is the only luxury car maker that she respects and she believes that Mercedes is the only real luxury car-maker rest are all followers of Mercedes.

Luci speaks French and English fluently, she has been learning Middle-Eastern languages including Persian to expand her business, for the joy of learning new languages, to watch fun TV programmes, news and comedy shows in these languages.

Luci says that Dacia is making sure that it doesn’t make any mistaker after getting launched in the US and that’s why they are delaying its launch in the US.

Luci currently drives a Cadillac CTS-V coupe.

Luci says that both her grandfather and her father died during Motorsport race but that was never enough to take away Luci’s enthusiasm from the cars. Luci says that the enthusiasm for cars is perhaps in her genes.

Luci believes that the Spanish automaker – SEAT is highly underrated.

This plastic business owner doesn’t use Malaysian Airlines anymore but she will keep reading posts on California Visit till her last day

Amari Ardui (name changed) runs a plastic business which never did as good as it has been doing since Amari learnt how she can fund her business with the money that she wins with online betting, especially on FIFA55 websites. Amari knows several online gambling blogs which she likes to call as her secret goldmines, one of those blogs goes by the name California Visit.

Amari travels to and from Malaysia a lot but she hasn’t used the Malaysian Airlines since that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 incident happened.

Amari volunteers a lot for the democracy all over the world and she has written a lot on her blog and elsewhere about how the major politicians of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are immune to the legislative actions against them.

Amari’s husband – Jonathan is an event manager whose office is located in a 3 star hotel. He also owns a popular lounge in a popular shopping mall. Jonathan is a conspiracy theorist who claims that the real inventor of the internet was a teenager Jew who got killed and someone else took the credit of inventing the internet.

Jonathan claims that Fatima never appeared to the people of the Portugal and it is a conspiracy created by the Vatican church to fool the people. Jonathan claims that Lucia dos Santos aka Sister Lucia, the most primary witness of Fatima was paid thousands of dollars per month till the day of her death by the Vatican.

Jonathan says that Jews are prohibited to have non-Jewish friends. He says that the Jews who have been pretending to be the friends of the White people are just pretending, there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian or Judeo-Gentile friendship. It is just a way of Jews to manipulate the people of other religions.

Barborka Bobal vowed to become the chairperson of eBay one day sitting on her couch made up of gold that she bought with bitcoin gambling money

There was a time when Barborka Bobal (name changed) borrowed loan from her family and friends in order to sell rocking chairs on eBay and Amazon but today the couch in Barborka’s penthouse is entirely made up of gold. Barborka says that if she keeps getting richer with the help of the Bitcoin Casinos Online like this, one day she will be able to buy the eBay, she has already started buying shares of eBay.

Barborka is a freelance journalist as well and she posts her opinions and observations on her not-so-popular blog. Barborka writes about almost everything, be it politics, religion, conspiracy theories, health, you name it. One of the conspiracy theories that Barborka wrote about was the theory of the death of the Nuclear Father of India – Jehangir Homi Bhabha. Barborka wrote that Jehangir Homi Bhabha never caught the flight to the Geneva International Airport but he was rather picked up by the North Korean Premier’s plane as per the plan which kept outside the radar and took Jehangir Homi Bhabha to the North Korea forever so that he could live the most lavish life there till his death in exchange for the nuclear technology. Barborka claims that Jehangir Homi Bhabha was crazy for the Asian women and Kim II-Sung provided him with a new North Korean beauty each night. Barborka says that Kim II-Sung was the most powerful pimp of his time.

One of Barborka’s blog posts was about her conversation with one of her best friends who is involved in the gas business. Barborka wrote that as per her best friend, the tycoons of the gas business and the governments that are major suppliers of the gas like Kazakhstan and Iran are doing more harm to the environment and the world economy than a common person can even imagine. Barborka wrote that the reality of the gas business and its so-called tycoons will soon be exposed. Barborka also wrote that the gas business tycoons are the smallest contributors to the humanitarian causes as well.

Dr Maddison Biset loves online gambling, Malta’s sunrise and lobsters

Dr. Maddison Biset (name changed) is a General Practitioner who claims that the Mongol people have the biggest livers. Along with being a General Practitioner, Maddison is a successful businesswoman. Maddison owns a widespread network of grocery and department stores.

Maddison’s husband is an engineer by profession whose ultimate aim is to become the engineer with most inventions in his name one day. He owns a fishery as well. Maddison hates it when she notices her husband getting crazy after seeing beautiful younger girls. Maddison doubts that it has something to do with his habit of eating a lot of seafood which increases testosterone levels.

Anyways, Maddison and her husband just like each winter holidays, spent these winter holidays in Malta where they stayed at the Diplomat Hotel in Sliema like they do each time.

Maddison is not a Victorian but she claims that the Indians farmers are committing suicide not because they are poor but because they are left with no energy to cultivate their crops due to sexual addiction.

Maddison has a thing for history and she is a wannabe amateur historian as well who claims that pre-historic tribes all over the world were democracies. Maddison also claims that most Russians used to be strict vegetarians during the Czar’s time. Maddison says that she sometimes doubt that the Russians can be Hindu-Kshatriya tribes.

Maddison says that central educational institutions all over the world are not stable.

Maddison loves lobsters imported from Bahamas and most favorite pastime is betting on Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188) websites.

Maddison sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that United Nations is the work of the Satan. She says that it may be a paper tiger right now but soon the Illuminati will turn the UN into the ultimate powerhouse and punish the nations that don’t agree with it.

Can online gambling make you a part of the billionaire club? Nawal Tipton really hopes so

Nawal Tipton (name changed) says that many tourists are more exploitators than explorers. Nawal is always looking for ways to increase her creativity, Nawal has tried several ways to increase her creativity including aphrodisiacs. Nawal says that the aphrodisiacs kill creativity for her and make her sleepy.

Nawal sells vintage wall phones on eBay for top dollar.

Nawal’s greatest hero of all time is Henry Ford. Nawal says that Henry Ford was a farmer but his hair was always laid neat against his head.

One of Nawal’s cousins is a librarian turned Ponzi scammer.

Nawal is a loner who feels heavenly around the snow. Nawal wishes all the time if she was a marble white pale woman with blue eyes which she is not.

Before becoming a full time gambler (judi online), Nawal was involved in HR management but her HR management career didn’t go quite as well.

Nawal traveled all the way from Khattab, Syria to become a part of the billionaire club.

Nawal donates 10% of her income to the third-world countries each year. Nawal says that the governments of the third-world countries and the billionaires of those countries need to be more sensitive towards the common people.

Nawal has studied the Egyptian history quite well. Nawal says that the President Nasser of Egypt was a Mossad agent and owing to his legacy, all the Egyptian ministers ever since have been Mossad agents. Nawal says that all the fundamental rights in Egypt are for a select few.

Speaking about the Indian democracy, Nawal mentioned that having a big and large book of constitution doesn’t mean anything for a country until and unless the laws are never put into effect.

Nawal says that she has a secret information that the Quandt family of BMW is now interested in entering into the German political scene. Nawal says that Stefan Quindt wants to become the next German Chancellor.

Arian Drezner ain’t a spy but her husband is an online gambler who loves Steve Chu

Arian Drezner (name changed) makes many wrongly believe that she is a spy due to her habit of gazing at everything silently.

Arian has always been a very smart person as she he had already written more than 10 movie stories when she was still in school.

Arian recently got married to a Canadian-Sikh guy named Jaswant Singh. This Canadian-Sikh guy is different from others as he is from Afghanistan and he wears nothing but red turban. Jaswant Singh’s grandfather was the first person to create a dance floor in Afghanistan.

Jaswant Singh’s grandfather always used to say that not only peacocks but all birds, animals and even insects dance when they are happy but other species including homo sapiens sapiens don’t recognize their dance.

Jaswant Singh has a cat whom he cares so much about that his cat has over 6 dozen pair of shoes. Jaswant is a huge fan of the blog called Steve Chu and reads each and every post on it very carefully.

Jaswant Singh says that happiness is overrated and so are material goals. He says that each individual has unique desires and each individual should be left to decide what makes him/her feel complete and content.

Jaswant never wants to go back to the Indian subcontinent as he constantly says that even prehistoric people cared more about the fundamental human rights than the people ruling the Indian subcontinent.

Arian has been trying to build a flying motorcycle for the past couple of years. She is going to name it 1859 once it is build and she has named her company Arian’s Innovations.

Having studied MBA at a university, Arian claims that black men are more likely to study business at a university which other ethnicities think of as useless. Arian says that studying business serves great purpose and it is really underrated.

Arian knows several sociopaths, introverts and anti-social people personally and she claims that compelling unsocial people to become more social only makes them sociopath.

Once a broke Muslim foreigner – Frema Bonheur is a millionaire today

Frema Bonheur (name changed) is a Muslim-American woman who had hard time raising her kids and working simultaneously. Frema became very popular on the Youtube and other social media websites when she mimicked the voice of the Hippopotamus. One Muslim woman from Thailand became the biggest fan of Frema after looking at Frema’s talent of mimicking the Hippopotamus and she successfully became a friend of her as well. This Muslim woman from Thailand after learning that Frema is having a hard time raising her kids financially, told Frema her own secret of making wealth and that secret is called FIFA55 gambling which this Thai Muslim woman learnt about from Armagh War Memorial.

Today, Frema is a successful businesswoman who owns two companies:- a wash basin company and a boxer shorts company.

More than being proud of a Muslim, Frema is more proud of her Rajput heritage. Frema claims that Rajputs could never lose a one-on-one war in the medieval era. Frema says that the only reason why Rajputs lost a few wars was because some enemies told the secret passages to their Muslim rivals or others and many times it was a war between a Rajput tribe with another Rajput tribe and of course, one of either had to come out as a winner and the other as the loser.

Frema has a special hatred for the word ‘Grand Proposition’ since someone scammed her after saying that.

Frema fixes brand new  5999 cc engines on her hatchbacks and call her hatchbacks ‘the hottest hatchbacks’. She only drives these hatchbacks of her and beware, never refer to her hottest hatchbacks as ‘sleepers’, that angries her like nothing else.

Frema’s best friend used to be a gorgeous air hostess who works for the Singapore Airlines until the day Frema learnt that she provides sexual services to the passengers on the plane.

Created a speaker and stereo company with the online betting money

Anita Gomez (name changed) has a habit of muttering all the time which annoys everyone around her.

Anita’s first job was at an animal rescue organization. She used to work as a spy for that organization. She remembers while working as a spy, she didn’t miss a chance to get a glimpse of hot men.

Anita knows about almost all the football gambling (judi bola) websites online and along with the real life commonwealth games she hates the gambling commonwealth games as well.

Anita loves honesty in each and every relationship, be it business or personal. Anita openly confessed to her husband about cheating 79 times on him.

Anita recently took a trip to India and came back with the news that right-wing Indians have been extravagantly trying to superimpose their traditions, religious values and culture on locals and tourists alike.

Anita’s brother – Mark is a foolish guide who got robbed several times himself by the tourists.

Anita buys nothing but Ford cars and SUVs. She says that Ford vehicles are quite a lot for the money but the Ford unlike others doesn’t indulge in unethical promotion and advertisements. Anita says that the American car makes are going through a crisis and that’s the reason why they have been offering the best bang for the buck unlike the Japanese car manufacturers who have been charging crazy price for their cars just due to their reputation for being the most reliable and durable which is a myth for most of the part.

Anita is not an engineer but she has been trying to create the most advanced electromechanical data storage device ever.

Anita currently owns a car stereo and speaker manufacturing company which is unknown but unmatched for quality, durability and reliability. Anita’s company is only known by the people in her own city and those who know about her company only buy her stereos and speakers.

Husband is practicing celibacy and the wife is living with the support of online forums, casinos and inventions

Parniyan Cavendish (name changed) is always found eating candied fruits. Parniyan lived in India for 7 years. Parniyan knows several M. Tech and PhD degree holders in the Indian subcontinent that are still unemployed.

Parniyan’s brother is one of the biggest superstars in the Italian cinema. Being a superstar for over 10 years, you will be amazed to know that this superstar never sat in a supercar in his life until November, 2018 when he bought a Ferrari 488 Spider. The first car that Parniyan’s brother ever bought was a Suzuki hatchback in Malta.

Parniyan used to work as a personal secretary for the steel tycoon of Indian origin in United Kingdom – Lakshmi Mittal before discovering the secret to become rich quick – http://onlinecasinomalaysia.xyz

Parniyan’s husband is the owner of a shipping company who was arrested for VAT fraud 2 years ago.

Parniyan’s father created the first online booking system that really guaranteed easy, simple and hassle-free appointments.

Parniyan claims that most pornstars that are alleged to have committed suicide or died unnatural death are HIV positive or know a lot of secrets about the industry and that’s why they get killed by the porn industry tycoons who make it look like an accident.

Parniyan’s husband believes that celibacy turns him into a genius. He gives Parniyan sex toys, cucumbers and carrots to pleasure herself. Hence, Parniyan along with her scientist best friend is nowadays busy building sex toys that will be even more pleasurable than the real thing.

Parniyan claims that US and Europe will destroy all the Islamic countries of Middle-East completely and build the most advanced and powerful empire there ever.

Parniyan has also been spending a lot of time on websites like Warrior Forum and Black Hat World to look for ways to start and expand a prosperous and profitable online business.

This couple used to hire cheap escorts but now they hire only the best of the best, thanks to EzGame88

Nikita Selbourne (name changed) and her husband do not hire escort girls for short durations anymore. They hire them for overnight and even longer durations. 7 months ago, Nikita found a goldmine in https://www.ezgame88.com which has been making her thousands of dollars per month with just gambling. Nikita cannot believe that a gambling website can be so honest.

Nikita is an amateur conspiracy theorist and political analyst who claims that the 2019 Union Budget of India is a part of the Republic of China containment policy of the United States. Nikita claims that the 2019 Union Budget of India is sure to make the farmers of India rich which will strengthen and expand the Indian agricultural exports. As India is popular around the world as the ‘Agricultural Haven’, each and every country that imports from China, Thailand, Vietnam or Pakistan will prefer the Indian agricultural products over their rivals’ which in turn will give the India enough wealth to steal the competition from China in almost each and every field.

Nikita owns a popular automobile blog and Nikita gets regularly trolled for her obsession with writing Hyundai vs Nissan vs Honda vs Toyota posts but she couldn’t care less.

Nikita recently got a lot of praise for exposing a man who frauded people by acting like MD of France Telecom.

Nikita says that she has several friends in the porn industry and some of her French friends told her that Christine Madelaine Odette Lagarde (the French lawyer, politician who is currently serving as the MD and chairwoman of the IMF) was offered one billion dollar to act in a porn movie.

Nikita is very against the antisemitic and white supremacists. She says that if Jews run the world then why there are so few of those in multinational corporations and government organizations.

Becia Dahra is a Masters in Philosophy and a lyricist who is completely dependent upon gambling money

Becia Dahra (name changed) recently wrote a song which she claims will become a major hit, let me just put an excerpt from the song here:-

“Let’s keep balling, let’s keep calling,

Let’s keep falling, let’s keep rolling,

I never wanna leave you baby, even a thought of it just drives me crazy,

I just can’t imagine myself without you boy!

You have been busy, I have been uneasy”

I am not sure whether someone has written the same song or very similar song before because it sounds very familiar to me. Becia wrote this song after she couldn’t handle her excitement after winning 12000 USD with www.bettingsites24.com

Becia studied in Rome, Italy, she saw more people there with HIV AIDS there as they seldom use any contraceptive methods including condoms or pills due to strict catholic teachings.

Becia claims that people with busy lifestyles are less likely to die with prostate cancer. Becia did a lot of research on prostate cancer after learning the fact that why some people get it more than the other ones and after doing years of research on this and she discovered that the longer you try to last in bed the more likely you are to get the prostate cancer.

Becia is a Masters in Philosophy and she claims that a lot of ancient Persian poetry and philosophy is wrongly attributed to the Greek poets and philosophers. Becia says that when so-called Alexander the Great invaded Persia, the forces of his destroyed a lot of Persian texts and stole tons of those and attributed the texts of theirs to themselves.

Becia claims that James Charles Stuart aka King James VI of Scotland was a sex addict who would ask for forgiveness from god after making out with any of her mistresses.

Mark Allawadi is an amateur dietitian who hates tomatoes and cars but loves online casinos

Mark Allawadi is an Indian currently living in Santiago, Chile whose grandfather was killed by a Rajput don of the Rajasthan state for witnessing against one of his family members who was running a fake Delhi Public School branch in a town of Rajasthan and making a bank. The government built a statue in the remembrance of Mark’s grandfather on the Tonk Road of Jaipur where some people still come to pay their respects regularly to him and his statue is nothing less than a landmark on the Tonk Road.

Mark is against any sort of nationalism and he is not ashamed to admit it. Mark is so bold that he once even went to the extent of saying that nationalists are generally naive and are mostly unemployed, 9-5ers or work at the the family business. Mark says that he never met a real nationalist who was a self-made millionaire.

Mark is an amateur dietitian who claims that eating tomatoes is hazardous to health, especially when eating during the noon time. Mark says that tomatoes are only good for health when eaten during the rainy days otherwise they only cause stones of all sorts including kidney and prostate stones.

Mark only uses taxis to travel although he is a self-made casino millionaire, click this link to know his secret. Mark says that he started hating car after learning that they are nothing but money pits, he owned Japanese cars – first Nissan, then Honda and lastly a Toyota, he owned European cars – first a Renault, then a Skoda, and lastly a Volkswagen. After owning and driving 6 different cars from 6 different manufacturers, Mark came to the conclusion that cars that perform well and are fun to drive aren’t reliable and the ones that are reliable are extremely boring to drive. Hence, Mark prefers cabs over his own car any day.

Proud atheist used to secure the first position in school, now she is a full-time online gambler

Avery Cliburn (name changed) says that it is a big lie that is being spread by the propagandists that today’s economy is such that the rich will remain permanently rich and the poor will remain permanently poor but in reality it is the other way round, Avery says that gone are the days when the money used to make money but in this day and era of technology, it is the expertise and knowledge that is the most key factor when it comes to making money.

Avery didn’t go to the Harvard Law School but she knows more about the laws than most of the lawyers in her country.

Avery sells vest coats on her own website and also on Shopify. It is a very lucrative business but Avery makes more money gambling online using casino bonus codes.

Avery has traveled the world and as mentioned before in this very post that she knows more than the lawyers about the law, Avery claims that only fast-track courts are not sellouts in third world countries including both the communist and democratic nations.

Avery is a proud atheist who claims that you can’t take charge of your life completely until and unless you keep believing in god.

Avery’s brother – Cameron is a dentist who was a very average student in school. Avery says that looking at her own brother it is quite evident that becoming a dentist is easier than becoming an accountant.

Avery is extremely critical of the Islamic countries as she has lived in some of the so-called Islamic countries. Avery claims that creative people are perceived to be the work of the Satan or evil angel – Iblees in the Islamic countries.

Avery was a wonderful student at school and most of the times she used to secure first position in the school.

Talented oil painters says that she doesn’t need to sell paintings anymore as she makes more money than most painters with online poker

Laure Lagunova (name changed) has read most of Hindu mythology in her 40 years of life as she was always obsessed with India and Hinduism since she was a little kid. Laure claims that the King Dashratha of Ayodhya – the father of Rama and his 3 brothers, was 120 years old when Rama (his first son) was born. Laure believes that the story of Rama and Ravana is real and most of Hindu mythology is not mere mythology but an over-exaggerated reality.

Although Laure is so obsessed with India and Hinduism, her favorite tourist spot of all time is Kuala Lumpur.

Laure’s most favorite song of all time is “Stay with me” by Teddy Pendergrass and she loves it more with some Miami Vice video featuring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.

One of Laure’s brothers is one of the most prolific sellers in the Art posters category on eBay. He makes over 25, 000 USD with his eBay business and he sells nothing but only art related stuff. Laure’s brother boasts about never doing anything unethical on eBay and never trying to bluff or befool eBay by creating stealth accounts or any such thing.

Laure herself is an oil painter and one of the most underrated oil painters of all time. Laure says that only a few art lovers can understand the value and preciousness of her art and reaching such people is a very hard work. Laure has been using her painting to decorate the walls of her own house and those of her friends and family. Laure has been successfully making a lavish living winning bets on DewaPoker88.

Laure’s maternal grandfather was perhaps the greatest scenery artist in the history of Macedonia who was killed for creating a painting depicting the bad situation of the nation of Macedonia due to its mean and evil rulers. A small section of Macedonia’s painters and even a smaller section of the global painters still celebrate his birthday and mourn on the day he was hanged.

Ulyssa’s dad wrote the first Hyundai and Skoda jokes, her great-grandfather designed the first 5-door car and she makes a living with QQ Poker

Ulyssa Tickle (name changed) was envied and hated in the school by both male and female classmates because she was always a bit arrogant, extraordinarily smart and intelligent and never failed to score great grades. Ulyssa never even dated a single guy in her school, not to say that she is a lesbian but she found the guys in her school a league below her although Ulyssa wasn’t someone very rich or anything but she had sort of a superiority complex and the others could feel that vibe from her. Now since Ulyssa has gained a lot of weight, she recently met a group of her schoolmates who acted like they didn’t recognize her at all. It is funny how they all acted the same without any communication at all.

Ulyssa is a hobbyist car journalist who accuses Mat Watson of CarWow of being a paid and biased journalist. Ulyssa says that most of the cars that he asks you to buy do not be deserved to be bought at the price at all.

Ulyssa says that the love and obsession for cars is in her genes. Ulyssa’s dad was the one who wrote the first popular Hyundai and Skoda jokes. Ulyssa’s great-grandfather was the first one to design the first 5-door car.

Ulyssa recently wrote a post on her blog claiming that Volkswagen Touareg was the biggest blunder ever by the Volkswagen and Volkswagen doesn’t want to accept it and that’s why they have been trying rebuilding the same SUV over and over again but haven’t achieved any success yet. Ulyssa says that Volkswagen can bring back its early 2010s glory if the Volkswagen discontinue this big blunder called Touareg, focus more on improving the other existing cars/SUVs/estates/minivans and inventing more vehicles as well.

Ulyssa says that betting on QQ Poker makes her enough money to pay her bills and save some as well so that she can pursue her hobby in the auto-journalism.

Hajna Brent only trusts older men with facial hair and she only trusts a few TOTO agents as well

Hajna Brent (name changed) only trusts men with facial hair but when it comes to trusting a TOTO agent, she is extremely strict and has a very unique parameter for the same which she claims is rigorous enough to find whether a TOTO agent can be trusted or not in the most extreme situations. Hajna claims to know more trusted agents for TOTO (Agen Toto Terpercaya) than anyone else.

Hajna’s favorite song of all time is “Some guys have all the luck” by Rod Stewart. Hajna says that the song describes the condition of her one and only brother in the most precise way.

Hajna is single at the moment and is looking for a man older than 40 for herself. Hajna has a personal belief that me  under 25 of age aren’t able to reproduce as healthy, fit and intelligent babies as their older counterparts. Hajna is not taking any chance and that’s why she wants only a man older than 40 for herself. The only reason that Hajna wants to get married is for the children

Hajna claims that the world’s first car manufacturing company was founded by a man named Akihiro Watanabe who wanted to name his company “Akinabe”. Akihiro Watanabe got killed mysteriously in the year 1851, just a month before she was about to launch the company officially. Hajna says that while the entire world claims that they don’t know who killed Akihiro Watanabe, she is sure herself about who did it. Hajna says that she will not tell anyone about it because if she opens her mouth, that would be the end of her own life along with her family members.

Hajna has a brother named Doug. Doug is almost as weird as Doug DeMuro just because he got married only to get rid of his porn addiction. The funny thing is that he is now more addicted to porn than he ever was before. Doug’s wife knows it and she doesn’t care about his porn addiction as he is great on bed.

Adwell sisters buy forts and villas in Rajasthan with the millions that they make with UFAbet

Cyanne Adwell (name changed) says that efficiency and effectiveness are the most important characteristics of any business especially for the new businesses. Cyanne says that if any new business is carefully well-planned and the founder is efficient and effective enough, there is no way that his/her business can fail and if a business as soon as it is initiated starts earning good profits, it brings upon a new sort of an enthusiasm to the founder which makes him earn even more profits which in turn makes him more confident about himself and his business plan and idea.

Cyanne is currently off to buy a Fort in Rajasthan, India which was her childhood dream. Cyanne is not from India but she and her sister – Cynthia are obsessed with everything India, especially the palaces and forts of Rajasthan. Cyanne’s sister Cynthia and her husband owns several villas on Tonk Road, Jaipur but she is still not wealthy enough to buy a fort or a palace there.

Cyanne and Cynthia’s great-grandfather was the closest friend of E Stanley James – the man responsible for finding the first Christian ashram in the world.

Cyanne and Cynthia’s grandfather was a conspiracy theorist who used to narrate to Cyanne and Cynthia frequently but to the whole family very rarely that how the United States of America is still controlled by the British Royal family and especially the queen among them. He used to give a lot of reasoning, logic and proofs to back his claims up as well.

I don’t have an idea whether the claims of Cyanne and Cynthia’s grandfather were true or not, but one thing is for certain that it broadened the minds of both Cyanne and Cynthia and made them what they are today. Neither Cynthia not Cyanne ever hesitated to bet on online gambling websites ever and finally they discovered the most honest and advanced gambling websites like ufabet and others which helped them build their extraordinary wealth.

Women are not supposed to be chiefs, Donald Trump has been recruited by Illuminati and nothing can make you rich as fast as Data SGP

Bronwen Atwi (name changed) agrees with the republicans when they say that a woman is not supposed to rule over men. Bronwen claims to have met several democrat politicians behind the curtains and she says that they all agree with the notion that a woman is not supposed to rule over a large population that includes both men and women.

Bronwen also claims to have met the smartest of the smart women around the world including politicians, school and college principals, doctors, lawyers and scientists personally only to find out that they are only as smart as an average man. Bronwen says that they may be geniuses in their peculiar job or field but to become a chief of a large population, you need not only be the jack of all trades but you need to be an expert of all trades.

Bronwen says that Donald Trump is a stooge of the Illuminati who doesn’t even know what he has been hired for. She says that he reads the script given to him by the Illuminati members and the stupid Americans think that he is some sort of a messiah.

Bronwen accuses Donald Trump of smashing women recruited by the Illuminati in the White House who have been recruited by the Illuminati for this one peculiar purpose only to lure the ever-horny old man aka Donald Trump and not let him even think for a while what he is doing.

Bronwen was definitely one of the first persons to have claimed on the internet much before he announced that he is going to fight the 2016 elections. Bronwen claims to have written the first blog post in the year 2014 claiming that Donald Trump will not only fight the 2016 US elections but also win those while sitting in her Lexus LS that she bought with the money she won with SGP pool results (hasil keluar sgp).

Here is a message to you India – put a full stop to the godman business and start making money with blogging

Pierre Virgilio (name changed) has been making several continuous attempts to reorganize and redesign a new religion which he claims will end all the different religions of the world and make the earth a better place.

Pierre has been unable to understand how and why the government of India has been unable to put a full-stop on the godman business in India. Pierre says that it is as ever-growing as always in India even after the exposure and arrest of so many godmans in India.

Pierre has written so many articles on his blogs exposing what used to go in the ashrams of Sant Rampal, Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Asaram Bapu, Falahari Baba, Datti Maharaj, Narayan Sai and others.

I must say that Pierre has some courage as she started his own business after learning how to make money blogging irrespective of the frightful consequences.

Pierre is a graduate in mechanical science and engineering but his degree and educational background didn’t help him much to make a fortune which he is now the owner of.

Pierre grew up in a catholic home but he himself turned into an apatheist at the age of 20. Pierre still has a huge respect for Jesus and loves him for everything that he did except proclaiming that he is the son of the god. Pierre doubts whether he ever said that, Pierre says that it was most likely the 12 apostles who popularized the rumor that Jesus is the son of the Yahweh or god himself, Pierre also doubts that the apostles first tried to convert people without claiming that Jesus is the son of the god but a messiah sent by the god and finding that they were unable to convert anyone with this message turned to the idea of claiming that Jesus was the son of the god.

Bat of the god hoped that the lord will appear with his bow and arrows but the lord was busy playing Netroulette instead

Emerson Munjal (name changed) is the daughter of an Indian-American father and a French-American mother. Emerson’s dad used to be a state level cricket player back in India, he used to suffer from a mild schizophrenia in those days and self-proclaimed himself as the bat of the god until he was beaten behind the curtains with the same bat that he played with by the mafia. The mafia wanted him to lose the match and they were paying him a good sum of money for the same but Emerson’s dad refused the offer. For the first 5 minutes when they were beating Emerson like an animal, he was laughing and smiling believing that the Hindu god Rama will himself come to save him with his bow and arrows but nothing other than inflammation almost over his body and blood came. That day he decided that he is not going to live in India anymore and is moving to the United States of America which he successfully did. The life for him wasn’t as easy in the United States as he expected it to be but he was far more happy in the US than in India.

Emerson recently traveled to India to explore it and look for a business opportunity after the exaggerated false claims of the Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi that he is turning India into an economic superpower and business people from across the world are coming to India and investing in here. Emerson found no opportunity there and every big and small business person that Emerson met was in tears and verbally abusing the Prime Minister.

Emerson returned back to the United States as soon as she could and decided to invest the spare money that she had in playing Netroulette Live Casino.

Live Draws can make you a millionaire, one of the smartest women in UK trusts Hongkong pools the most

Barbara Bensaid (name changed) uses UK based ‘What Car’s’ videos as sedatives before going to sleep. She just hates that What Car host and she loves Mat Watson of Car Wow. Whenever Barbara feels down, he just plays a video by Mat Watson of Car Wow and switches her mood. It really works 99% of the time.

One of Barbara’s most favorite hobbies is trolling the Indians with bad English. Barbara keeps replying to those guys and never fails to provoke them to reply back.

Barbara denies the claim that modesty and chastity are two cements of civilization, Barbara says that awareness instead is the cement of civilization.

Barbara is a self-made millionaire and one of the contributors to her extraordinary wealth are live draw Hongkong Pools. Barbara told a couple of disciplines to become a self-made millionaire to her one and only brother but arrogantly told her that I am not interested. Barbara says that’s what is different in the self-made millionaires and the ordinary people, self-made millionaires are always eager to learn and earn whereas the average commoners are not. Barbara says that their ego and stupidity come in the way of their success.

There is no denying that Barbara is magically talented but there is also no denying in that Barbara is also very hard-working.

Barbara is an amateur historian and researcher as well. According to Barbara Bensaid, “Stew used to be poor man’s Pizza in the ancient and medieval period and it is evident from the Jewish tales and the tales of Jewish ancient patriarchs.”

Barbara claims that she used to be a ghostwriter years ago and an infamous rapper stole several songs written by her by hacking her computer. Barbara claims that most of his hit songs are the ones that he stole from Barbara Bensaid.

Self-proclaimed Brigitte Bardot of her plush neighborhood calls biblical stories mere folklores

Catrin Kimiko (name changed) claims that Sinai Peninsula would have been 100x times better looking, well-managed and overall a blessed place if the United Nations let Israel take complete control of it.

Catrin is self-proclaimed Brigitte Bardot of her neighborhood. She says that men have to try too hard to not look at her.

Catrin’s mother is the only person to have ever been awarded the best teacher of Microbiology in the country of Malta and Gozo.

Catrin has definitely come a long way and she has made several sacrifices on the way but she has also learnt a lot on the way to become a big success.

Catrin claims that there will be plague, disasters and similar things all over the Islamic countries if they keep reproducing like rabbits and other animals. Catrin says that they must be shown a way out from the European, Scandinavia and especially the United States if the people of these countries want to save themselves. Catrin has heard the Islamic Imams and Muftis announcing to the public that the Muslim men must marry White Christian women so that the White Christians disappear from the face of this earth.

Catrin has read a lot of Hindu mythologies and she has observed several similarities between the Hinduism and Abrahamic religions, especially Judaism. Catrin claims that the Madhu and Kaitav (2 devils) of Hinduism refer to the Pharaoh of Egypt and the chief of Pharisees in the Biblical tales. Catrin has no proof to back that up other than a couple of similarities that she noticed among the 2 groups.

Catrin says that biblical stories are good folklores and nothing more than good folklores that teach some moral values to the kids along with entertaining them.

Catrin is a big fan of Thai gambling blogs, especially fitjung.

Selling VCR Cassettes in Miami Vice Era was stupid but providing free spins to online gamblers is not

Bobina Borg (name changed) claims that the Walton family wants to take over the world and their recent takeover of the Indian e-commerce giant – Flipkart is just one example. The Flipkart owns the eBay India, Myntra, Jabong and a few other top eCommerce websites in India. They were a billion dollar company and the government of India couldn’t help them, they just watched the Walmart take over them while eating popcorn. Bobina says that the Walton family is the real Illuminati and the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are just scapegoats.

Bobina’s dad – Mr. Borg used to sell VCR Cassettes during the Miami Vice era and that’s the biggest mistake that one can commit, selling VCR cassettes in the Miami Vice era was like selling Indian sarees to the Bosnian people. Not to mention that his business was a bigger flop than you can imagine.

Bobina herself tried her luck in several different careers including singing, composing and now gambling. Gambling has made Bobina more money in 2 years than her entire family could in its lifetime. Bobina says that the secret to her success with gambling is that she learnt more in each career than her successful counterparts and accumulated her experience in her mind to use the same in the next career. Finally, she became a success in the online gambling world with the help of websites like freespinsbonuslist.com

Bobina says that she lives to buy scarce stuff and nothing gives her a bigger boost than buying scarce stuff online or offline. She plans to open her own pawn shop one day and she wants that to be the greatest pawn shop in the history of Malta and Gozo.

Toni Finklestein claims that most Rabbis live Jasapoker lifestyle but they don’t admit it

Toni Finklestein (name changed) claims that most of the Rabbis that she knows very well are filthy rich people who just act like they are poor.

Most Muslims that Toni knows claim that the greatest gift that Allah could give some human being is Islam and the Book of Quran. The Muslims that Toni knows even claim that all animals on the earth are also Muslims and they know more about the Allah and his miracles than the non-Muslims.

Toni owns a couple of pubs in the downtown area of her city and these pubs are incredibly architected. Toni says that all the restaurants must be converted into pubs to make the world a better place.

Toni has a younger brother for whom she has been looking for a girlfriend, the first thing that Toni looks for in a girl who she thinks is good for her brother is the shape of the breast. Toni looks for the symmetry, the shape, the size, the firmness and if only all 4 things are perfect then only she will go for one.

Toni owns a boutique as well in a plush neighborhood that specializes in creating bridal corsets.

Toni’s mother – Maria has a habit of repeating same stuff over and over again which Toni finds very annoying as Toni seldom repeats anything unless required.

Toni’s sister – Rochelle recently divorced her husband who was very abusive and once pushed Rochelle and hit her head. Rochelle has a huge self-esteem and she is not willing to take any money from Toni, she works 3 different hourly wage jobs – 3 hour each. Rochelle loves to wear jumpers and Toni has already prepared some bridal corsets out of her corset store for Rochelle’s next wedding although neither Toni nor Rochelle has any idea who the lucky man is going to be.

Toni has also advised Rochelle to keep multiplying the wages that she makes by betting on jasapoker.

From a full-time captcha solver to a real estate investor

Arindham is a 27 year young Bangladeshi man whose only job was to solve captchas all day. Arindham would hide from all his friends what he does for a living. His friends were all from middle-income families, but what Arindham was doing was what the lowest of the low would do.

Arindham only made roughly about USD 5 per day working 14 hours a day. People making this much amount of money in Bangladesh are considered lower middle class. Arindham knew that this amount of money is nothing but chachki, he always had big dreams and wanted to be the most successful among all his friends. Arindham started learning Malay language to make himself more worthy and increase his value in the marketplace.

It took Arindham one complete year to master the language and after that he started offering his freelance services to the customers looking for a Malay translator. He could speak three languages now, Bengali, Malay and English.

Once a client asked Arindham to translate no deposit bonus article written in Malay to be translated into English. Arindham checked more information about it and decided to play some himself. He had only 125 US Dollars in savings out of which he used 100 the first day to play the game. Would you believe it? His 100 US Dollars turned into 300 the very first day.

Arindham was 26 back then. Now, Arindham is 27, he doesn’t work as a translator anymore, he doesn’t freelance, all he does is that he improves his gambling website and invest the money that he multiplies each day into some real estate. He has already moved from the town of Bogra to the country’s capital city called Dhaka.

He drives his own Toyota Prius, which is equivalent to a Porsche in the United States and the day is not far when he will be driving his own Porsche.

Wannabe historian, ex-CC Catch’s biggest fan and an online gambling freak, meet Muskat Coste

Muskat Coste (name changed) is a wannabe historian who claims that Darius not Alexander the so-called Great won the war of Gaugamela. She says that there was no concept of history back then in Persia and that’s why the Persians have no idea about their own story. It was only after a couple of years later that Darius got killed by a cousin who took over the throne of Persia when the concept of history started in Persia. Muskat says that all the evidences are a clear indication of the Darius’ win over Alexander the Great.

Another never heard before claim that Muskat made about the Persians is that most Zoroastrians themselves opted for the religion of Islam voluntarily and the ones who didn’t were politely asked to leave the country. Many of them currently live in India and some other countries. Muskat says that it is false that they were forced to convert to Islam, they opted for the Islam voluntarily and the notion that they were forced to convert to Islam is a conspiracy against the religion of peace also known as Islam. The word Islam in itself means ‘peace’ in the Arabic language.

Muskat used to be a huge fan of the Dutch-German singer CC Catch until she found her giving contradictory statements in different interviews. Muskat’s bedroom was filled with CC Catch’s posters everywhere, Muskat ran a couple of forums and blogs dedicated to CC Catch and her fans, her most favorite album ever was and still is ‘Hear what I say’ by CC Catch and Andy Taylor.

Muskat is an online gambling freak and she doesn’t gamble all alone but rather with her one and only mother whom she calls ‘Frenchie’ with love. Frenchie is an avid reader of online gambling blogs as well, her most favorite one is state champs.

Meet Dulce Wadhwa – A self-proclaimed Super-Warrior and Super-Gambler

Dulce Wadhwa (name changed) is an Indian-American conspiracy theorist who claims that the death of Indira Gandhi was the part of an international conspiracy designed by Pakistan, United States, Europe and Major Multinational Corporations aimed at carving out Khalistan out of India in order to create another major customer for their arsenal. Pakistan wanted Indira Gandhi dead for the revenge of taking away East Pakistan from the Pakistan and transforming it into a new country which is called Bangladesh today. The multinational corporations weren’t allowed to sell their products in India due to their nationalist policies and they wanted to enter the world’s second most populated country so badly. Sanjay Gandhi was already dead and Rajiv Gandhi was a rookie when it came to the politics, believing that the game is over for the Gandhis if Indira gets killed, the conglomerate did the deed disguising it as the ‘Sikh Bodyguards’ did it to take revenge for hurting their religious feelings.

Then Rajiv Gandhi took over immediately which was unforeseen by most. Very few could foresee Rajiv Gandhi as their leader or foretell that Rajiv will ever get involved in the politics, even when Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi were alive, they couldn’t predict Rajiv as a future leader.

Rajiv Gandhi was first given warnings and order by the conglomerate to let the American, European and their allied friends’ multinationals corporations to come in India and do their trade but Rajiv dismissed their demands. He rather stayed in the Russian camp and after 7 years, he was dead too, only within a couple of months of Rajiv’s death, the multinationals were given a way to enter the Indian market, the major decision was disguised as the new Finance Minister – Dr Manmohan Singh’s major masterplan.

When Dulce is not in her office, sleeping, eating or uncovering conspiracies, she is busy gambling online or reading gambling blogs like the invisible string.

The future belongs to the Jews and Protestants not Catholics, Baptists and Orthodox Russians – Lindsey Cloete

Lindsey Cloete (name changed) owns a leading ratchet manufacturing company that is responsible for supplying their products to some of the leading brands in the ratchet industry, most of these brands sell their products online only on websites like Amazon and eBay.

Lindsey claims that the future belongs to the protestants and Jews; the Catholics, baptists, or Orthodox Russians haven’t got a chance against the Jews or the protestants.

Lindsey has a very welcoming towards the people migrating to the United States, Europe and other first world countries except towards the Muslims. She has a very repulsive attitude towards the Muslim immigrants and she is never tired of giving the example of ‘how they ruined a heaven like Sweden’? Lindsey calls the Muslim immigrants “A cancerous gift to Scandinavia”.

Lindsey says that the illegal immigrant rapists must be stoned to death.

Although Lindsey is an atheist herself, she has a huge respect for the ten commandments and ancient rituals. She says that the only reason homo sapiens are alive today is because of the virtue of the ancient human beings.

Lindsey rejects the notion that the ancient Jewish slavery was debt slavery.

Lindsey claims that there are lots of similarities between the Torah and Mahabharata. She also says that the Jewish holiday ‘Purim’ and Hindu holiday ‘Purnima’ are related and show several similar traits.

Lindsey lives in the largest mansion of the Lewiston city in Maine. Lindsey was born in a heaven like Miami but because of her love for the French people and her dream to have the largest mansion in the city that she lives in, she transferred to Lewiston.

Lindsey’s most favorite hobby is gambling, she loves it both online and offline, her favorite sites are Malay ones, as they call it judi bola in Malay.

This Indian-Muslim Woman is a Car Blogger, Car Enthusiast and a Gambler

Rabi Zehra (name changed) is an Indian-Muslim woman who doesn’t hate India or Hindustan, whatever you would like to call it because she is a Muslim but because it is corrupt. She recently watched a video that went viral of a drunk Indian man who refused to pay the toll tax in Bihar just because he said that he is related to the ‘Vidhayak’ the American equivalent of a Mayor. The people working at the toll tax told him clearly that they will not let him go unless he pays but he kept arguing for over 2 hours and didn’t pay up until he got his ass kicked by the toll plaza employees.

Rabi is also a car lover and blogger. She recently wrote a very lengthy post about the General Motors’ entry in 1996 with the Opel and finally exit in 2017. The car that took the whole India by the General Motors in India was the Chevrolet Cruze, it made Skoda Octavia and Honda Civic disappear from the Indian roads within a matter of 19 months. The biggest flop car ever by the General Motors in India was the Chevrolet Trailblazer which was selling only 1 unit per month on an average. Their Opel cars were all flops too and were only seen in plush neighborhoods like the neighborhoods of South Delhi, South Mumbai and Chandigarh’s Sector 17. Chevrolet Captiva did very good initially but ultimately the Toyota Fortuner made it disappear from the Indian roads.

Being a Muslim doesn’t hinder Rabi from doing her favorite activity and that is gambling online, whenever someone tells Rabi not to gamble because it is haram in Islam, Rabi replies that real life gambling is haram not online. Rabi loves to read lots of gambling blogs and her most favorite one is tadafumisato.

Ghostwriter that claims to be a relative of Tony Blair just bought a bungalow

Aviva Archambault (name changed) is one of the most prolific ghostwriters you have ever seen. She just bought a bungalow in a nice upper middle class neighborhood with the money that she made with ghostwriting hip hop and pop songs.

Aviva claims that she is related to Tony Blair (Former British Prime Minister).

Aviva cannot forget when she used to work for a major British company and she had to attend a press conference for the very first time in her life. Aviva is very reserved and introvert with very few friends like herself and sitting among so many strangers (mostly of the opposite gender) who were all in higher positions than herself, she felt so nervous and anxious that she hasn’t been able to forget it yet. She still blushes thinking about the embarrassment that she faced while expressing her ideas in the press conference, she started stuttering due to nervousness for the very first time.

 My personal opinion about Aviva Archambault’s press conference is that she hasn’t learned anything from Tony Blair who was a wonderful speaker. The guy could convince the strictest guy to vote for him.

Aviva also cannot forget when she once failed the school examinations once, she got bombarded by questions from her parents. They couldn’t wonder why she failed the examinations when she didn’t waste any time talking to the friends, she doesn’t watch much television and they didn’t have an internet connection yet. In reality, Aviva was always dreaming about a guy that she had a crush on in her school. He was one year senior to her and out of her league.

Anyways, Aviva loves to learn new languages and she has successfully learnt Italian and Esperanto. She has been now learning Thai for a while and she does it with a touch of entertainment – she is a frequent reader of blogs like skate dress warehouse and lover of gambling on Thai websites.

Amateur car reviewer believes he is the best car expert and rest are all idiots

Jordan Buckingham (name changed) thinks that he is the greatest expert when it comes to the cars. He has tried reviewing several cars and posting the videos for the same on the internet. One of Jordan’s friends named Leo is an internet marketing expert, Leo did his best to make Jordan’s videos go viral but people didn’t like any of Jordan’s videos at all, the more Leo promoted Jordan’s videos the more dislikes they received which made Jordan infuriated and Leo feel sorry for Jordan. Leo himself didn’t like any of Jordan’s videos at all but he didn’t tell him about it.

At first Jordan even started to suspect that Leo brought dislikes to Jordan’s videos voluntarily because Leo felt envious of Jordan. Jordan believed that Leo didn’t fear that he is going to become richer than Doug Demuro but he feared that he will become very popular and have girls everywhere asking him for selfies together.

Soon enough, Jordan realized that he was wrongly doubting Leo. Jordan says that the people are so used to see non-sense and boring reviews that they couldn’t comprehend the value of his irreplaceable and unique reviews.

Jordan owns several pomegranate farm lands which he inherited from his late grandfather. Jordan’s grandfather was the richest man in the village that Jordan was born and raised in.

Jordan was trying to create his own brand of pomegranate juice and because he didn’t have any past experience of doing such business, he relied totally on the manager that he recruited only to find out later that he was double-crossing him.

Jordan and Leo love to bet together online. They also recommend each other top-notch gambling blogs like rungpiti kennel time to time.

Betting on FIFA55 websites to buy a mansion in the foothills of Hollywood Hills

Machla Orpaz (name changed) sees the founders of Google and eBay as her greatest inspiration. Machla has done a lot of research on Hinduism and India and she claims that the pagan religion Hinduism is the greatest cause for India’s poverty. “They have a separate day for each of their gods and endless rituals, they have thousands and thousands of tribes living in India and all they wish for all the time is luck and material wealth but they aren’t willing to do anything about it, all they are willing to do is, make pilgrimages upon pilgrimages”, says Machla.

Machla loves to bash vegans all over the internet and writes them stuff like “If homo sapien sapiens are animals then we have the right to kill and eat animals”.

According to Machla, “Iranis are not capable of making nuclear weapons, it is a conspiracy against Iran and the Muslim world.” Let me tell you that Machla doesn’t like Muslims at all and calls them Mudslimes, lol.

Machla Orpaz’s business partner is an Indian-American who came to India 12 years ago to complete her coveted overseas degree to America and after completing her education here, got a job in America as well. The way Machla and her business partner have maintained the international standards in their business deeds is quite astonishing. Nobody can guess that one of the founders of the business hails from India.

Machla wants to buy a mansion in the foothills of Hollywood Hills by the end of 2021. She has been betting on FIFA55 websites, buying lottery tickets along with expanding her business to achieve her goal. Machla is an avid reader of casino and gambling blogs like pro edelstar and she enjoys reading those a lot.